Best Colourfull Basket planter in 2018

1) Dotted Oval Railing Planter

Railing Planters are best suitable for balcony indoor as well as outdoor gardening. All variety of flowers and plants can be grown. Colourfull flowers will give a unique look for your garden. If your planning for outdoor gardening, our planters is the best.

They can withstand direct sunlight, rainfall and can be kept outside all over the year. Our Planters are long lasting and highly durable and are available at pocket-friendly rates. Let your planters reflect your personality by filling them with your favorite colour.

The planters are made up off pre-galvanized metal. These can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Metal Planters are of less maintenance, you can easily move them from one place to another and also any kind of dirt can be easily cleaned with wet cloth.

Powder coating provides excellent durability and toughness while maintaining its gloss level. A powdered product has great corrosion and weather resistance. It also has excellent impact and wear characteristics.

The Handle’s are detachable and can be adjustable to different length according to your balcony/terrace place.


planters are given with detachable hooks

 suitable for all types of railings such as round, Square.. etc

can be used as a table top planter.

can withstand direct sunlight, rainfall and can be kept outside all over the year.

Oval railing Planter
Oval railing planter
2) Railing Hanging Tray Planter

The timeless elegance of a minimalist box planter finds new expression with Yuccabe BOX-TRA-R. Provided with a hanging arrangement, the BOX-TRA-R planter can be readily suspended from railings to create a beautiful arrangement that accentuates your home and office without crowding it.

With a strong contemporary design and sound, durable quality, the BOX-TRA-R planter emerges as a superior choice to decorate and upgrade your interiors with. This box planter has a distinct style that will harmonise and lend an air of refinement to its surroundings. Its hook arrangement allows you to hang it easily from your balcony, terrace or outdoor railings, bringing the joy of nature to you while keeping your floors clear.


Built of superior materials, the BOX-TRA-R is a lightweight productg 

 highly durable and weatherproof.

highly adaptable to both contemporary and traditional décor.

3) Yuccabe ASA Planters

The traditional square planter finds new life in ASA- a fashionable retake on its soft profile and timeless design crafted afresh in modern materials and colours. The Yuccabe ASA Planter personifies understated elegance and is a must have for every garden, home and office.,Attributes:A perfect accessory for your perfect décor, the ASA planter brings the benefits of composite materials to the time-tested square planter.

Extremely lightweight, it is much easier to shift and move around than its traditional counterparts. It is also far more durable and its uniform density ensures there is no seepage or moulding- keeping your planter looking good as new for a very long time. The ASA planter is available in size Height 10″ Top 10″ X 10″ ( inches ) height that complement its elegant design. Small square planters are suited to indoor use while the larger sizes are perfect for balconies, verandas and gardens.


It is of very light weight

Unbreakable and sturdy design durable

Highly Resistant to breakage, harsh weathers and ultraviolet rays

4) Round Dotted railing plnters

This round dotted reiling planters are very beautiful and eye catching. They are designed in such  way that they can easily hang on your railings.

This railing plnters can be used indoor as well as outdoors and can be planted in balcony, windows, terrace reilings, or can be easily planted in your garden.

It will give an appealing looks to your grden. It is made weather resistance and painted with weather resistance colour that will lasts long.


Comes in 15cm (6 inch) Length: 18cm (7 inch) Width: 15cm (6 inch) size.

Made from galvanized Iron Metal, It is specially made up of powder coated paint for rust resistance.

Each railing planter, having a Detachable hook, durable and lightweight.

5) Butterfly Oval Balcony railing plnters

This butterfly oval planters are very attractive and colourful. It is suitable for plnting small plants. It will give a great looks to your balcony nd windows. Comes in different colours.


Dimensions of these plnters are :Top Length: 12 Inches, Top Width: 6 Inches

This planters are made of high qulity galvanized iron for longar durability

Hooks are provided for easily hanging out this plnters to balcony or window railings

6) Hand painted railing metal planters

Beautiful flowers certailny fills a colour in our routine life. You can plant the flowers in your balcony or window railings.

These beautiful hand pinted planters are the best choice for your garden area, windows or balcony railings. This planters will give very elegant looks to your windows and balcony when folowers and plants planted into these planters.


These planters are made of galvanized Iron Metal, which is specially Made Up Of Powder Coated Paint For Rust Resistance.

Each Planter, Have Unique Hand Painted Design, Having  Attached Hook, Durable and Lightweight.

Each planter is hand painted with different designes.

7) Metal Bucket railing Plnters

It’s time to facelift your favourite garden area and windows, balcony with the help of these beautiful colourful metal planters whichis pinted in different colours.

These colourful planters are coming with large handle for easy installation to your grden and  balcony area. It is painted with powder coated paint for longer durability.


These planters are made from Premium Quality GI Metal and Powder Coated Paint For Rust Resistance

Size of this plnter is (L X W X H): 19 Cm X 19 Cm X 15 Cm

Planters are provided with long hooks for easy planting.

8) Metal Oval Railing Planter

Beautiful and colourful indoor planters gives very charming looks to your living area.

These beautiful tub planters are great for planting colourful flowers and plnts in small space area like living room, passage, blcony etc. These are cute and adorable, it would go well in any space and lend it the light that it needs!


Size of the planter is – Height: 14cm (5.5 inch) Length: 31cm (12.2 inch) Top Diameter: 17.5 (7 inch)

Made from Iron Metal, It is Specially Made up of Powder Coated Paint for Rust Resistance

  • It is very durable and lightweight. Different sizes and color are available

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