Best Stainless Steel Tea Kettle For Tea Lovers

A Contemporary Kettle For The New Age Tea Drinker. Comfortable To Lift And Pour. To Be Ideally Used With a Mitten Large Lid For Easy Cleaning. Can be used on stove as well as on Induction Cooktop . The Camber Kettle Offers A New Take On The Classic Kettle Design. Its Elemental Shape Lends Itself To Every Contemporary Space, At Home or Office. It Stands Comfortably On All Stove Tops And Heats Easily.


   Stainless Steel material

Comfortable to Lift and Pour

Stovetop/ Induction top tea kettle

    Large glass Lid for Easy Cleaning

WHO It's for

It boils water easily both on stove and on induction. For green tea lovers it is a must buy product, that will boils water in no time. Ideal for the working family, it gives hot water as and when you need it instantly. It will add a glamour look along with conventional designed kettle.

  1. Can be used for everyday cooking in kitchen
  2. comes with removable sieve, easy to clean
  1. Handle of the kettle is made of stainlesssteel, which will heat while boiling water on gas stove, but not on induction.
  2. Having glass lead, which looks great but care must be taken while handling, otherwith it can break.
pricing & Purchase

You can buy this beautiful  kettle around Rs. 2500. Seller is giving 10 % discount also. if you love contemporary kettles in new improved design and form you can surely buy this kettle from teabox.

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