Decorative Table Lamps for living room

Terracotta Handpainted Warli Matki Table Lamp

This unique terracotta round matki lamp has been beautifully handpainted to add The requried mood to The room.
The base has been handpainted with bright red with unique warli art handpainted on it.
The shade has also been handpainted keeping in mind The color coordination with The earthen lamp.

Warli Art is done on the terracotta base. Shade is handpainted with multiple colors. Click here tobuy this colourful Terracotta Handpainted Warli Matki Table Lamp. 


Pyramid Decorative Table Lamp

  • Made with Sheesham Wood and of cloth wrapped around plastic.
  • Beautiful Ethnic art

This unique pyramid shaped square tappered lamp has been artistically handcrafted in sheesham wood. The base has natural brown colour and the cream shade contrasting giving it a sheen appearnce. The base has a velvet pasted at the bottom. The four sides of the lamp has elongated supporting the shade. click here to buy Pyramid Decorative Table Lamp.