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Wooden Family Name Plate

A name plate identifies and displays a person or family staying inside the house. Name plate can be fixed at the main gate if you residing in a separate house or a bungalow or it can be fixed at the side wall of the entrance door if you residing in the apartments. Now a days name plates are available in various colour combinations and made from various durable materials. You can get name plate made from solid metal as well as made from solid wood. Size of the name plate can be choose according to space available and which suits your house. colour combinations also can be chosen as per the wall of your house.

Name plate to be fixed at the place from where it is visible clearly to the visitors, otherwise it will not serve the purpose. a separate illumination light can be provided to name plate for better visibility. Now a days when the culture of online purchase has been increasing day by day, it is important to be visible to delivery person so your parcel can be reached at the time.

Moreover, in Indian culture, according to vaastu shastra a name plate is the very important part of your home and it will bring you good fortune you.

Karigaari India brings you a huge range of beautiful name plates designed & crafted by expert artisans from Karigaari House. The above name plate is 100% customization & limited to the words mentioned, You can get your own name engraved & enjoy the beauty outside your house. !

Steps to Book the Name Plate:

1. Book your order on Amazon.in

2. Email us your preferred names on info@karigaari.com

3. Your work is over,Your designed name plate will reach your home in the prescribed timelines.


Covers Your Complete Family Members Names,  Can Add A Flat No If Required.

 Size : 20 X 13 Inches With Wooden 3 Planks & Wooden Letters. s 

Moms Cafe Kitchen Name plate

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And kitchen is the ultimate arsenal of all the delectable cuisines. So, this badge from Karigaari India shall make your kitchen even a more special place. We are sure, that the ‘Love’ cooked and served from your kitchen shall definitely put smiles on many faces.

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