The Best Hand Juicer For Home

This manual hand juicer is very quick and easy to use. You can use it for almost all kind of ripen fruit juice and vegetables like carrot ,bit roots ad wheat grass. It is strudy build and coming with strong suction base. Easily seperates pulp from the juice, the pulp will be dry and free from juice, it will extract everything from the pulp.

It is light weight, portable and can be easily carried out anywhere you go. No electricity required for the juicer and it is very convinient that you can use it anywhere. It will defenetely fulfil your daily requirement of juice. It is coming with the high quality food grade plastic body and a plastic filter inside. Yor will definetely forget your electrical juicer after using this.

While using it plese do not fill the feeding bowl full with fruits or vegetables, it will give better results if you extract juice by feeding the bowl half.


Strong Suction Base

Separates Juice from Pulp in one easy Step

Intricate design, for the maximum amount of juice

All Parts are detachable

WHO It's for

Today everyone knows the importance of good diet for maintaining a good health. There is nothing like starting a day with a glass of fresh juice. Whether it is juice of fresh fruits like apples, orange, pineapple, mango or it can be a fresh vegetable juice like carrot, bit roots and wheat grass. Whatever you choose, this juicer will make it very quickly and easily. It is morning time saving as you dont required to seperate pulp form the juice.

  1. very easy to use
  2. no requirement of electricity
  3. Portable and light weight weight to carry
  4. Easily seperates dry pulp from juice

You may face the problem of suction failing, but that can be easily eleminated by proper cleaning of suction base and keeping it dry.


Pricing of this manual hand juicer will be around 9000 Rs. And looking to strudy design and usefulness it is a good product to purchase.

Mydealforme's openion

Looking to usefulness and feasibility for daily use and that is too without using electrical power and making noise, it can be a good asset for your kitchen.

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