The Best Juicer grinder in 2019

If you love to have a vegetable and fruits juice , then these juicers will do the everything for you, Whether it’s a fruit juice or a fresh vegetable juice, it will do the job instantely in minutes.

Home made fresh juices without any preservatives are best for the good health. Fresh juice in morning hours are part of a healthy diet in this busy and hactic life style.

You need the perfect juicer for your kitchen which can make perfect juice with less noize, less wastage and this juicer will defenitely serve the purpose.


1) Philips Viva Collection Juicer

Chef Pro is a leading provider of small kitchen appliances used in thehome kitchens. Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer is the one which will serve all your purposes of your kitchen. It is coming with see through pulp container so that you can easily check the pulping. Both the lid and the continers re transperent so that you can easily see your fruits and vegetables being juiced.

It is coming with the pre cleaning and quick cleaning function for easy and fiber free cleaning that also on one minute time.

The pulp will all be collected in the pulp container so no need to remove pulp from other parts of the juicer. Due to the round design and smooth surfaces without nooks and crannies, the pulp is easy to reach and the container is much easier to clean.

The juicer is designed with round shapes and smooth surfaces to facilitate easy rinsing under the tap.

  • Squeeze every drop from your fruits and vegetables
  • Easy to use and easy to clean within 1 minute
  • Easy to use and easy to clean within 1 minute
  • Made from high grade alluminium metal.
  • Easy checking of the pulp with see-through pulp container.
  • Strong 700 W motor for blending, mixing and crushing effectively.
2) Panasonic 800 Watt Stainless Steel Juicer

Panasonic 800 watt wide tube juicer is made up of  stainless steel and coming in silver and black colour.  Its juicing capacity is large and very easy to juice and clean. Its certainly a value for money product.

  • Large feeding tube and two speed control
  • Precise and durable full metal spinner
  • Coming up with two litre large capacity pulp container
  • Large 1.5 Lr juice jug with bubble separator
3) Bosch Comfort 150-Watt Slow Juicer

BOSCH comfort slow juicer is the ideal for your kitchen if you are a fitness lover. It is coming with gentle squezzing technology and slow juicing for efficient juicing. It is of very high performance and low noize.

It is coming with new self cleanig technology for easy cleaning.

  • Gentle squeezing technology at low speed of 60 Rotations per minute RPM
  • Two no's of filters for double application
  • Double edged cleaning brush
4) Wonderchef 400 Watt Nutri-Blend

Wonderchef nutribend is to make healthy and tasty juices, smoothies, shakes in no time. It is having the super-fast motor and sharpest steel blades that break-down the food completely and extracting all nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. These  juices help the body to absorb nutrients in the fruits and vegetables much better.

It is coming with carefully designed nutritional mixes by Chef Kapoor and nutritionist Swati Thoda. that would help you in achieving weight balance, lowering sugar levels, relieving migraines and lowering cholesterol. It can be also used for dry-grinding the hardest spices like garam masala, jeera and to  make tasty chatni.

  • Compact and consumes less space as compared to the bulky food processors and mixers
  • Two inter-changeable jars (500ml and 300ml) with lid and seasoning cap
  • 2 sets of stainless steel blades for one for blending, other for grinding
5) Philips Viva Collection 1.5-Litre Juicer

Philips viva collection 1.5 litre juicer is for everything you expect from a juicer. You can do high juice extraction instantly. Very easy to clean within 1 min nd it is very compct in design. Treat yourself with the joy of a healthy homemade juice every day. 

It is enabled with quick clean technology for esy and quick cleaning after juicing. Sieves also can be cleaned easily without uch efforts. Pulp collector is  provided so all the pulp of fruits and vegetables will be collected in one bowl and it is ade see through type so you can easily check the pulp during juicing. Moreover it is made dishwasher safe with all removable parts.

  • Housing is made from ABS Plastic and jug is made from PP Plastic
  • Integrated pulp container
  • Drip stop, compact design, QuickClean technology, smooth and easy to clean

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