Wall Decor stickers for living room

New trend of DIY wall decoration is 3D acrylic, made using imported cast acrylic with computerized laser cutting method. Design you wall with your own creativity.

Create a unique ambience for your room with this Cute ‘Asmi Collections Wall Stickers Beautiful White Floral Design Butterflies’. This very big and amazingly Cute Wall Sticker is printed on a high quality PVC Vinyl and is ready to improve the beauty of your Room walls and which will cover almost any big size wall.

Exclusively for your wall DIY (Do it yourself) wall decoration, Made using imported cast acrylic + computerised laser cutting method. Design your wall with your own creativity.

  • Removable, Re-positionable, Eco-friendly
  • High quality, Waterproof and durable material.

 Sun 3D Acrylic Mirror decor, wall sticker

  • Package Content: 1 Circle And 26 Rays + Stencil For Perfect Arrangement (Without Stencil U Cannot Achieve Symmetry)
  • Dimension: 2 X 2 Feet Design , Thickness Of Product: 2 Mm
  • Material: Imported Cast Acrylic Mirror

 Beautiful Large White Floral Design Butterflies 

  •  Removable, Re-positionable, Eco-friendly
  • Material: PVC Vinyl (4 Sheets)
  • Finishing Size(in Feet): 12.4 Feet(L) * 4.4 Feet(H), Sheet Size(in cm): 60(L) * 85(H) – 4 Sheets
  • High quality, Waterproof and durable material, Life 4-5 Years

Acrylic 3D Wall Sticker, Reflective Pebbles

  •  Material Used: High Quality imported cast acrylic 2mm thickness
  • Colour: Silver Mirror

Wind Mirror Removable Decal Acrylic Wall Sticker

  • Material Used: High Quality imported cast acrylic 2mm thickness
  • colour: Gold Mirror
  • Package Contents: 1set = 18 pattern
  • Dimensions: area cover 4 x 4 inch

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